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Posted by Hades at 2019-02-15 19:50:46
»  Auto registration server is up and running! Address is     Click here for details and help.

Very interesting project emerged recently after ALPN proposal. GO-DCPP hub which is in early dev. stage but its possibilities are already very impressive.Highlights:»Fully multi-threaded. »Support NMDC, ADC and IRC users on the same hub. »Uses a single port for all protocols (protocol auto-detection). »Supports TLS for ADC and NMDC. Automatic TLS certificate generation. HTTP pinger support. Developed by Dexo. This is brand new idea. Dev website. 
Posted by Admin at 2018-11-26 20:41:22
»» New AirDC++ 3.53 was released on 08 December 2018.   »» New DC++ v.0.868. was released on 12 November 2018. Please download or update.
Posted by Delion at 2018-11-25 22:03:21

Development of StrongDC++ has been cancelled 8 years ago. It's code contains security breaches that can be used to produce massive DDoS attacks.You should replace your StrongDC++ with any modern DC client as soon as possible!
ApexDC++ is recommended for easy migration.

Posted by Derek at 2018-09-09 18:13:10
» YNHUB users - please disable key check in settings - otherwise no stats will work in our hublist. Please consider switching to actively developed software. YnHub's developement ended years ago unfortunately.

 Helpful DC Links:

     DCHUBLIST.ORG support board.
     Hublist supported hub server software list.
     The collective forum for DC resources.
     How to install, configure and use DC++ English YouTube guide.

Our support hub in Direct Connect is here:  adcs:// If you can't connect please get a DC client that supports secure tls! Latest DC++ for example.

To use our hublist in any DC++ client copy one of these links in File > Settings > Downloads > Public Hubs List URL (You can also check out menu - help - hublist help on the top of this page).

 International hublists:  ->For all up to date DC clients. Download some HERE.  ->For all up to date DC clients (ADC protocol list). Req. by Delion."  ->For old software that noone sane should be using due to security flaws.Unmaitained and pending removal.


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