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Posted by A. Kruk at 2020-11-28 15:01:23
•  AirDC++ version 4.1 Was released on 8.1.2021. Download here --> AirDC++ 4.1
Posted by Scorecard. at 2020-11-20 21:15:48
•  Team Elite hublist now supports both DC protocols. Neomodus and ADC. --> Team Elite DC Hublist.
Posted by Katee at 2020-04-20 11:28:43
• LUADCH v.2.21 was released on 2020-4-20. With added TLS 1.3 support.      More info and download page.
Posted by Hades at 2019-03-11 19:59:34
•  Automatic hub registration server is up and running! Address is:     More info.

TLS encrypted hub owners. Certificate uploads are now possible (optional). Please feel free to go to "edit hub page" and upload TLS certificate from there. It MUST be in .crt format. This will enable DC users to just download this cert and place it in client's certificates folder. No more man in the middle issues related to encripted adc direct connect hubs.   More info. 
Posted by Delion at 2018-11-25 22:03:21

• Development of StrongDC++ has been cancelled 8 years ago. It's code contains security breaches that can be used to produce massive DDoS attacks.You should replace your StrongDC++ with any modern DC client as soon as possible!
ApexDC++ is recommended for easy migration.

 Helpful DC Links:

     DCHUBLIST.ORG support board.
     Hublist supported hub server software list.
     How to install, configure and use DC++ English YouTube guide.

Our support hub in Direct Connect is here:  adcs:// If you can't connect please get a DC client that supports secure tls! Latest DC++ for example.

To use our hublist in any DC++ client copy one of these links in File > Settings > Downloads > Public Hubs List URL (You can also check out menu - help - hublist help on the top of this page).

 International hublists:  ->For all up to date DC clients. Download some HERE.  ->For all up to date DC clients (ADC protocol list). Req. by Delion."  ->For old software that noone sane should be using due to security flaws.Unmaitained and pending removal.


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